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We could use your help!!! The Waiest Universal Life Temple is starting is quest to find the property where we can open our first Waiest Garden Temple Retreat. Please help us along our quest with any donation you can make. All proceeds will go to the Waiest Universal Life Waiest Garden Temple Retreat Foundation and our quest to offer a path of peace and enlightenment to the world through chi and meditative studies. Our goal is to have this completed by 2018. Go to our Facebook page where we will keep you informed of our progress.

The Mission Statement of Waiest®: The cause of the Waiest Order is to promote world enlightenment and peace. The Waiest Order has one simple message. To better oneself is to better the world. The true test is within. 

In this difficult economy we could use your help to keep this cause alive. Anything you can donate will help greatly. 

Waiest Garden Temple Retreat Foundation