What does Dorje Jangbu mean? My given name is Robert Wiest. Dorje Jangbu is a title I have been given through training. It’s kind of like getting a master’s degree or being called Sensei.  "Dorje" is the rank achieved after completing a certain amount of Chi Focus Kata training. "Jangbu" is kind of like being called Master, Lama, or Sifu. It is the name given to the head of our system. It is what we call a Dharma name, and all Waiest Qigong practitioners can achieve a Dharma name at a certain level of training. The term “Dorje” means indestructible; can cut through anything, often equated with diamond or thunderbolt and “Jangbu” means learned or wise.

"I am not here to tell you what you should experience or how you should experience it, but only to offer tools on how to better understand the experience. All that I offer you is the opportunity to see beyond how life has been presented to you, to live more than just to survive day to day, to take your destiny into your own hands, and to achieve a higher insight for the betterment of all. For the life that you live is your journey, but the spark of life that is living is of us all. Thank you for your support."

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“If I can touch the heart of another with some encouraging words in a time of need or engage you mind in thought then I have fulfilled my calling, which I have devoted my life to.”

"We have all asked the questions, “Why am I here?”, “What is the purpose of life?” and “What am I supposed to believe in?” It can be very confusing with so much information out there and so many people insisting they are right. Your path may become clouded.

There is hope, and the answers are within you. You are a direct link to creation. You are ofcreation. Books, buildings, governments and religions are secondary, man-made items. They are important in that they can spark the truth within, but it is within your journey that the answers are found. We each walk the path as teacher and student, not to impose our lives on others but to flow with the universal process. We are not meant just to survive day to day. There is a difference between survival and fulfillment. One must follow their own heart and make the best of their journey. Learn to see beyond how life has been presented to you and win with the challenges life has set before you.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience."

Dorje Jangbu (Robert Wiest) is the founder of Waiest Qigong and author/producer of Waiest home study books, CDs, and DVDs.
. The Way of Middle path - A guide to individual enlightenment and personal success.
. The Warriors Path Motivational CD
. The Waiest Qigong Guided Meditation CD
. The Waiest Qigong Guided Meditation DVD
. The Sounds of Meditation CD
. The Waiest Qigong Home Studies Program 
     Which includes:
      . The Way of Middle Path
      . The Sounds of Meditation CD
      . The Warriors Path Waiest Qigong Home Study Manual
      . The Door ~ A Guide to Waiest Qigong 

Brother Jangbu ~ “I trained and studied as a youth with a Chi Monk Master named Brother Raiford. He taught me that universal life is the master teacher, everywhere is universal life’s temple, and that my ordainment comes from universal life’s calling. He taught me to let go and be at one with universal life for all else is nothing more than tools to be used along the journey but it is universal life itself that is the journey.”

Dorje Jangbu Bodhisattva
Brother Jangbu ~ “I am simply a teacher and student of the way. I have no further ambition than to be at one with universal life.”
Brother Jangbu’s training exceeds over four decades. He has studied with monks, shamans, gurus, martial arts masters and mystics from around the world. He began training at the age of eight and started teaching at thirteen. Brother Jangbu holds the rank of Master Chi Monk. Brother Jangbu holds certificates in Buddhist philosophical studies, Mikkyo, and received his diploma as a Certified Health Specialist from Trinity College of Natural Health.

To book Dorje for speaking, a seminar, or a book signing event, please contact us at 1-888-353-9414.

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